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A companion to the Essential Elements Series, this template gives comprehensive examples of effective legal drafting for tobacco control legislation to address the following issues:

  • Definitions
  • Smoke-free Environments
  • Ban on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship
  • Tobacco Product Packaging and Labeling
  • Tobacco Product Sales to Minors
  • Regulation of Tobacco Products; Tobacco Product Contents and Emissions Disclosures
  • Protection of Tobacco Control Policies From the Commercial and Other Vested Interests of the Tobacco Industry
  • Prevention and Control of Illicit Trade

The Template is intended as a guide or suggested framework to bring domestic legislation into compliance with the WHO FCTC and its Guidelines. States enacting legislation based upon the Template have the flexibility to depart from the text. Additionally, an attorney's expertise is necessary to tailor the Template to the legislative drafting rules and styles of a particular jurisdiction and the existing laws already in place.

The CTFK legal team can provide technical drafting assistance to give more detailed and tailored advice. Contact the legal team here.

Please note: An updated version of the template will be available soon.

Download: Template for Effective Tobacco Control Legislation

A separate template is available that provides an example for effective drafting of a Plain Packaging of Tobacco law.

Download: Template for Effective Plain Packaging of Tobacco Legislation