Office of the President

Matthew L. Myers, President
Erika Raitt, Executive Assistant

U.S. Programs

Bill Lee, Executive Vice President, U.S. Programs
Cathy Taylor, Executive Assistant


Amy Barkley, Director, Tobacco States and Mid-Atlantic Region
Leslie Ferreira, Manager, Training and Outreach, Youth Advocacy
Anne Ford, Vice President, Federal Relations
Luke George, Associate Director, Federal Government Relations
Caroline Goncalves Jones, Associate Director, Advocacy and Outreach
Mark Greenwold, Senior Consultant
Denny Henigan, Director, Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Brian Hickey, Director, Federal Government Relations
Emily Horowitz, Program Associate
Michelle Lee, Program Associate, Youth Advocacy
Kevin O'Flaherty, Director, Northeastern Region
Erica Olmstead, Associate Director, Youth Advocacy
Jodi Radke, Director, Rocky Mountain / Great Plains Region
Claudia Rodas, Director, Southern Region
Chris Sherwin, Vice President, State Advocacy
Annie Tegen, Director, Western Region
Gustavo Torrez, Director, Youth Advocacy


Bryan Buchanan, Director, Digital Engagement
Albert Lukban, Director, Internet Strategy
Mina Radman, Manager, Communications
John Schachter, Director, State Communications
Becky Wexler, Director, Media Relations
Vince Willmore, Vice President, Communications


Laura Bach, Associate Director, Research
Ann Boonn, Director, Research
Becca Knox, Director, Research
Meg Riordan, Vice President, Research
Nichole Veatch, Vice President, Research

Global Programs

Yolonda Richardson, Executive Vice President, Global Programs
Lisa West, Office Manager & Contract Coordinator
Genevieve Whitaker, Executive Assistant


Joshua Abrams, Director, Eurasia Programs
Bintou Camara, Director, Africa Programs
Tenesha Hill, Executive Assistant
Pam Rosen, Program Assistant, Africa Programs
Vandana Shah, Director, South Asia Programs
Patricia Sosa, Director, Latin American Programs
Xi Yin, Director, China, Indonesia and Philippines Programs


Katharine Briscoe, Associate Director, Web Content
Jesse Danzig, Manager, Social Media Projects
Mark Hurley, Director, International Communications
Jenna Mosley, Communications Manager
Caroline Renzulli, Press Secretary
Debra Rosen, Head of Tobacco Industry Accountability
Claudio Tanca, Associate Director
Valarie Warren, Executive Assistant


Nelly Ahmad, Financial Compliance Officer
Sarah Berluche, Grants Administrator
Bernard Burrola, Director
Pam Sumner Coffey, Vice President International Operations
Mena El-Turky, Program Officer
Brittany Levesque, Grants Assistant
Jingjing Li, Program Officer/Financial Compliance Officer
Jake Palley, Program Officer and Coordinator
Courtney Peters, Program Officer/Financial Compliance Officer
Sophie Uzzell, Program Officer/Financial Compliance Officer

International Legal Consortium

Liz Candler, Legal Consultant (South Asia)
Juan Carballo, Legal Consultant (Latin America)
Kaitlin Donley, Legal Advisor
Robert Eckford, Associate Director (Trade and Investment)
Patricia Lambert, Director
Monique Muggli, Associate Legal Director
Rose Nathan, Associate Legal Director
Katherine Shats, Legal Advisor


Maria G. Carmona, Director
Estelle Dauchy, Associate Director
Hania El Banhawi, Research Assistant
Ernesto Sebrie, Associate Director
Karoline Walter, Research Associate

Global Health Advocacy Incubator

Courtney Peters, Program & Financial Compliance Officer
Kati Anderson, Associate Director, International Communications
Marina Carter, Director
Jill Chanley, Program Assistant
Anne Griffin, Director, Obesity Prevention (South Africa)
Anuradha Khanal, Associate Director
Ch’uya Lane, Director, Obesity Prevention (Latin America)
Danny McGoldrick, Vice President
Angela Raeburn, Associate Director, Advocacy
Aaron Schwid, Senior Legal Advisor
Brett Weisel, Associate Director, Capacity Building and Training


Ian Feiler, Director, Fund Development
Louella Haymon, Events and Administrative Coordinator
Beverly May, Vice President, Development and External Relations
Philip Mione, Associate Director, Foundations & Prospect Research

Finance and Administration

Beverley Bacchus-Lewis, Senior Accountant
Jacqueline M. Bolt, Vice President
Eugene Coleman, Accounting Clerk
Sherry Gustafson, Director of Finance
Shawna Lamont, Contract Administrator
Jake Nevin, Associate Director, Network Services
Delba Riddick, Senior Director
Derry Sadongo, Senior Associate Director, Information Services