TakeAPart Webinar 2021 | Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
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Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets - Success Stories, Learnings, & Next Steps in our Longest Running & Most Successful Campaign to Advance TAPS

TakeAPart Webinar
 May 20, 2021
 9am EST

Since 2015, advocates in 42 countries have participated in the Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets campaign to expose youth-targeted marketing tactics at points of sale as a key strategy in advocacy campaigns to advance TAPS and other tobacco control policies.

Findings from data collected in the Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets point of sale investigations are undeniable - the world's biggest multinational tobacco companies (British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Japan Tobacco, and Philip Morris International) are targeting kids with a core set of marketing tactics at points of sale. And recent analysis of five years of tobacco control policy advocacy campaigns that featured Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets data shows this data is motivating decision-makers to act - more than 50% of these campaigns have resulted in a tobacco control policy victory!

In this webinar for Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids grantees, we will talk about the findings from the Big Tobacco, Tiny Targets campaign, share inspiring case studies, and share proposals for next steps for the campaign for your feedback.


Malik Imran Ahmad, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, Pakistan
Mark Hurley, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Natalia Parra, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Debra Rosen, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Leonce Sessou, Africa Tobacco Control Alliance (ATCA)
Dr. Jamilya Sadykova, Smoke Free Kazakhstan Coalition