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New Website Helps Concerned Citizens Share Stories, Contact Policymakers
November 06, 2003

Washington, DC — Public health advocates launched a new campaign today,, which allows everyday people to share their stories about tobacco addiction and disease. The collection of over 1,500 stories already on the site show the tragic consequences of tobacco use that millions of families suffer every year.

'I lost my father to a tobacco-related heart attack. It was just 10 days after my 13th birthday in 1996. He was only 48 yrs old when he died. Everyday I think about my dad and wonder if he would be proud of me.'

Ray L., Punta Gorda, FL

“Tobacco kills more than 400,000 people die every year in this country from tobacco, leaving behind families, friends and colleagues,” said Matthew L. Myers, President of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. “This new website gives a voice to those who have seen and felt the harm of tobacco first hand. Through their stories, we can raise awareness and demonstrate why we must act to reduce tobacco’s terrible toll.”

'My mother continued to smoke through four pregnancies, through pleas from her kids, through her father's death from emphysema (smoking-related) and her mother's death from an aneurysm (smoking-related). It took her own death sentence to break her addiction, to make her put down that last pack and say 'enough'.'

Anne H., Dallas, TX

At, ordinary people are coming together to raise their voice against tobacco. Visitors to the site can participate in a number of ways:

  • Add your voice to the growing list of people speaking out against big tobacco;
  • Read the stories of over 1,500 Americans who know the danger of tobacco first hand;
  • Share your own story about loved ones who have been lost to tobacco use, those still struggling with addiction, and concern for kids at risk; and
  • Honor a friend or loved one by lighting a virtual candle in their name at the Virtual Vigil.

“ is a living memorial to the men, women and children who know the true costs of tobacco,” Myers said. “We encourage all concerned Americans to visit and add your voice to the chorus of people speaking out against tobacco.”