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Statement by William D. Novelli on the FTC Joe Camel Case

Statement by William D. Novelli, President, CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS
May 28, 1997

Washington, DC - We welcome the Federal Trade Commission’s action against R.J. Reynolds’ Joe Camel advertising campaign. We call on R.J. Reynolds immediately to withdraw Joe from the market and to concede what all of America now knows: that Joe Camel was an insidious advertising campaign from the outset, designed to lure America’s young people into a deadly addiction. Make no mistake: the tobacco industry will continue to prey upon America’s children until it is forced to stop by the rule of law. The FTC’s action is an important step in this process, but much more needs to be done. We urge the FTC to continue its investigation into unfair and deceptive advertising practices by the entire tobacco industry. And we urge all other federal agencies, including the FDA, to redouble their efforts to protect our children.