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Tobacco-Free Kids Responds to Historic Tobacco Decision

April 25, 1997

Washington, DC - Bill Novelli, President of the CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS, today released the following statement responding to the court decision on the FDA rule issued today in Greensboro, North Carolina: 'The decision is a dramatic and historic victory for our children. The FDA’s authority to regulate tobacco has been upheld, clearing the way for the first meaningful national effort to protect children from the epidemic of tobacco addiction. While the advertising and marketing restrictions were struck, the heart of the FDA rule has been maintained, and the tobacco industry has been dealt a devastating blow.' 'We are extremely confident that upon appeal, the marketing and advertising restrictions will be upheld -- especially because the judge’s decision on marketing restrictions was based on statutory grounds, not the First Amendment.' 'The decision is a critical defeat for the tobacco industry. They lost on their home turf, in a court they chose, and on the most fundamental issue – FDA authority to regulate tobacco. The momentum now clearly shifts against the tobacco plaintiffs, and the road will only get more difficult for them. Upon appeal, the case will move to a more impartial environment, and will be bolstered by the documents revealed as part of the Liggett settlement.' 'The Court of Appeals is only one forum were the fight against tobacco will continue. We will push forward with our efforts in the state legislatures, state and federal courts, the marketplace, and the court of public opinion.'