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National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids Launches World Wide Web Site

May 14, 1997

Washington, DC - The Information Superhighway now features a new vehicle for parents, kids, teachers and others to help reduce tobacco use among youth. The CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS today launched its World Wide Web site at . Among the site’s many features are daily news bulletins and updates on the tobacco settlement talks and the ruling affirming the FDA’s authority to regulate tobacco. The site also features resources tailored to kids, journalists and fellow advocates. Pre-teens and teens will find their very own 'Kids’ Corner,' with photos, bios and links to fan club sites for the CAMPAIGN’s three Youth Ambassadors: Larisa Oleynik, star of Nickelodeon’s The Secret World of Alex Mack, and Ben Savage and Rider Strong, both of ABC’s Boy Meets World. Kids can 'Join the Club,' enter an art contest, and chat with their peers on-line. In a 'Your Body' section coming soon, kids will be able to see the gruesome effects of tobacco on the human body. Journalists can enter a 'Press Room' featuring the CAMPAIGN’s latest factsheets, statements and press releases, and can use an on-line inquiry form to request interviews. Anti-tobacco advocates will find updates on state lawsuits and legislation as well as an electronic form to join the CAMPAIGN’s National Action Network. Other interesting features of the Web site include: * Factsheets page, with the latest statistics on tobacco use among youth; * Advertisements section, showcasing the CAMPAIGN’s provocative print, TV and radio ads; * Kick Butts, a secondary Web site offering tobacco control activities for parents and kids; * Background section, offering excerpts from internal tobacco industry documents; * Smoke Alarm, a monthly warning program, encouraging visitors to nominate tobacco industry marketing schemes; * Interactive Calendar, featuring tobacco-related events of more than 120 member organizations; * Research page and Other Useful Sites page, providing links to other relevant Web sites; * Contact Congress feature, coming soon. 'We are excited to present The CAMPAIGN FOR OBACCO-FREE KIDS’ Web site to our many constituents,' said Bill Novelli, president of the CAMPAIGN. 'It will serve as a comprehensive, dynamic resource for parents and kids, educators, the medical industry, health organizations, the media, and countless others.' For more information about the Web site, contact Shelley Caplan at (202) 296-5469 or