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Tobacco-Free Kids Reacts To State Of The Union Address

January 27, 1998

Washington, DC - CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS President Bill Novelli and Executive Vice President and General Counsel Matthew Myers tonight issued the following statement regarding President Clinton’s remarks on tobacco during the State of the Union address: 'Tonight, President Clinton began the next and most important phase in passing comprehensive, bipartisan legislation that will save lives and protect kids from tobacco,' said Novelli. 'With 3,000 children becoming regular smokers every day, our nation must move forward in 1998 with tobacco legislation that saves lives. The American public supports comprehensive tobacco control, the public health community is fighting for it, and now, the President has made it clear that action on tobacco must be a priority this year in Congress. We now have everything in place to create the very real possibility of dramatically changing the role of tobacco in our lives. We are hopeful that Congress and its leaders will enact a national tobacco control policy this year,' Novelli added. 'The stakes in this fight are as high as any legislative battle in years,' said Myers. Comprehensive tobacco legislation will reverse the growing trend of tobacco use by kids, protect all Americans from second-hand smoke, and hold the industry accountable for years of misdeeds. If this effort fails, however, the only winner will be the tobacco industry giants, who will continue to freely market and sell their deadly products to our children,' he continued. For post-speech comment on tobacco issues, media may contact: • CAMPAIGN President Bill Novelli at (301) 469-6325 • CAMPAIGN Executive Vice President and General Counsel Matthew Myers at (202) 363-3514.