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Tobacco-Free Kids Applauds New Proposals to Address International Tobacco Control Issues as Part of National Tobacco Policy Legislation

February 26, 1998

Washington, DC - The CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS applauds the introduction of the measures proposed today by Members of Congress to ensure that the United States supports tobacco control efforts internationally and does not contribute to the global burden of death and disease aused by tobacco use. The measures proposed today include the key policies the CAMPAIGN and its partners in the ENACT coalition of major public health organizations are promoting for inclusion in any comprehensive tobacco legislation: An end to U.S. government support of harmful tobacco industry behavior overseas; significant funding for efforts by governmental and nongovernmental agencies to support tobacco control in developing nations; strengthening current Food and Drug Administration authority over tobacco exports; and law enforcement measures to control rampant international smuggling of U.S. tobacco products. The CAMPAIGN urges Congress to adopt effective measures to reduce the death toll of tobacco worldwide as part of any comprehensive tobacco policy legislation. The U.S. must act with one voice to discourage tobacco use and stop the marketing of tobacco products to children internationally and domestically. Comprehensive legislation must address the international dimension of the problem. The CAMPAIGN applauds all of the Members of Congress who have developed these measures and pledges to work with them to advance their proposals. We also remain open to additional proposals that may be developed in the future. We will evaluate each new proposal and will support those that meet our public health criteria. We remain committed to working with Members from both parties to enact a comprehensive, bipartisan, well-funded tobacco control policy that includes strong support for tobacco control internationally.