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U.S. Representative Harold Ford Jr.’s Continued Commitment to America’s Kids

April 25, 1998

Washington, DC - The CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS applauds Congressman Harold Ford, Jr.’s participation today in the Germantown Youth Commission’s Youth Leadership Conference, as well as his ongoing work to help keep kids healthy and tobacco free. In America, youth tobacco use among high school seniors has risen to a staggering 19-year high, and 4.1 million of our nation’s children are currently addicted to tobacco. In Tennessee, 39 percent of students in grades 9-12 are current smokers, and 27 percent of Tennessee’s high school boys currently use smokeless tobacco.* This epidemic of youth tobacco use must stop. Congressman Ford has once again demonstrated his commitment to tobacco-free futures for America’s kids by challenging all students in Tennessee’s 9th congressional district to help make comprehensive national tobacco control policy a reality. Only a comprehensive national tobacco control policy will help end the pediatric epidemic of youth tobacco use. It is time for Congress to pass strong legislation to protect America’s kids from the manipulative practices of the tobacco industry. Congressman Ford is a leader in this important effort. *1997 Tennessee State Department of Education Youth Risk Behavior Survey.