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ENACT Reacts To Senate Cloture Vote On Tobacco Control Legislation

June 09, 1998

Washington, DC - ENACT, a coalition of 50 leading public health groups, today released the following statement regarding the Senate cloture vote on tobacco control legislation: “While the outcome of today’s vote was of little surprise, we are confident that momentum will now grow for future efforts to end debate and move the McCain bill forward. With the first cloture vote out of the way, the opportunity exists for Senators to work together to build on the bipartisan consensus for protecting kids by passing tobacco control legislation this year. “Senators have a clear choice between continuing the delay or standing up for America’s kids and moving quickly to pass the McCain legislation. Since the debate over the McCain bill began, more than 66,000 kids in America have become regular smokers. If Senators allow the debate and delay to continue, they risk handing the tobacco industry another victory in its efforts to addict more of our kids to their deadly products. “ENACT urges citizens to hold their Senators responsible for their votes. It is imperative that the Senate completes its job on this bill.”