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Tobacco-Free Kids Reacts To Senate Cloture Vote On McCain Bill

June 09, 1998

Washington, DC - The CAMPAIGN FOR TOBACCO-FREE KIDS today released the following statement from Bill Novelli, president, regarding the Senate cloture vote on tobacco control legislation: “Because today’s cloture vote was not about the merits of tobacco control legislation, but about partisan procedural issues, the outcome was of little surprise. We are hopeful that Senators will now put partisanship and delay aside, and move forward quickly to enact comprehensive tobacco control legislation. After weeks of delay, there is simply no room left for partisan maneuvering or delaying tactics.” “With so many kids falling to tobacco each day, there is too much at stake to allow tobacco legislation to fall victim to a minority of Senators who oppose any action on tobacco. From this point forward, every vote on the McCain legislation will be a referendum on whether Senators stand with kids or stand with the tobacco industry. Those Senators who claim to want to protect kids must now be held accountable for their votes.”