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Mexico’s New Tobacco Control Law Will Save Lives and Protect Millions from Deadly Harms of Tobacco Use

Statement of Patricia Sosa, Director of Latin America Programs, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
February 18, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has published a historic and comprehensive tobacco control law that will protect millions of Mexicans from the deadly harms of tobacco use. The new law will make Mexico the latest country in Latin America to go completely smoke-free and also includes a ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. 

Under the new law, the use of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products will also be prohibited in indoor public places – an important measure that will prevent tobacco companies from using these products to undermine smoke-free laws and renormalize tobacco use among youth. 

In Mexico, about 30 percent of youth are exposed to secondhand smoke in hospitality venues and tobacco companies like British American Tobacco and Philip Morris International have used aggressive social media marketing and flavored tobacco products to target young consumers.  

Mexico’s comprehensive law is a victory not only for public health, but for the government champions and advocates in Mexico who worked tirelessly to ensure this life-saving measure was enacted. It is critical that the Mexican government ensure swift implementation of the new law so that all Mexicans can truly be protected from the deadly tactics of Big Tobacco companies.