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New Study Finds that San Francisco Law Was Effective in Eliminating Sales of Flavored Tobacco Products

Statement of Matthew L. Myers, President, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
June 07, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new study from researchers at RTI International, Stanford University School of Medicine and the California Tobacco Control Program provides even more evidence for why states and cities across the country should take action to end the sale of all flavored tobacco products.

The study, published in the journal Tobacco Control, measured changes in tobacco sales before and after San Francisco’s law prohibiting flavored tobacco products. The study found that sales of all flavored tobacco products – including menthol cigarettes and flavored e-cigarettes – were virtually eliminated in the city after implementation of the policy, with no evidence of widespread substitution of non-flavored products. The authors found that sales of all flavored tobacco products decreased by 96% in San Francisco after implementation of the city law in early 2019. Total tobacco sales also significantly decreased over the same period, suggesting consumers did not broadly switch to unflavored tobacco products. The study concludes, “A reduction in total tobacco sales in SF suggests there was not a one-to-one substitution of tobacco/unflavored products for flavored products.” This study is just further evidence that eliminating flavored tobacco products protects kids and saves lives.