The Take Down: Dr. Glenda Gill | Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
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In Conversation with Dr. Glenda Gill

In this edition of the Take Down, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ Olive Gongombe interviews Dr. Glenda Gill, Founder of Save a Girl Save a World (SAGSAW). Dr. Gill is a trailblazing advocate and change agent who has helped grow SAGSAW into a leading organization focused on mentoring girls and young women.

Dr. Gill’s work highlights the importance of community and mentorship to break down barriers and propel new generations forward.

We spoke with her about the role of mentorship in advocacy work, the intersection of tobacco prevention and social justice issues, and solutions for a healthier and more equitable future – like eliminating menthol cigarettes.


It's important to have mentors to guide you along the way. Mentorship is a safeguard for a lot of young women to navigate through life.