The Take Down: Diamond Miller | Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
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In Conversation with Diamond Miller

In this edition of the Take Down, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids’ Olive Gongombe interviews Diamond Miller, Senior Manager of College Activism and Organizing at Truth Initiative.

Diamond plays a pivotal part in empowering college students to promote tobacco-free lifestyles. She coordinates advocacy campaigns, develops educational resources and facilitates partnerships with colleges and universities nationwide, creating a network of passionate individuals united in the fight to stand up to the tobacco industry and stay tobacco-free.

This conversation drives at the importance of fostering change at the grassroots level and mobilizing community-driven action. We spoke with Diamond about how to get involved in advocacy and activism on college campuses, the importance of investing in education, and prioritizing self-care to succeed in the advocacy space.


Engaging in activism allows students to amplify their voices and to advocate for causes that they truly believe in. It’s important to support activism on college campuses because it serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness about specific problems and challenges.