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Newspaper editorials Laud CVS for Quitting Tobacco, Urge Other Retailers to Follow Suit

September 16, 2014


On September 3, CVS Health announced that it has ended tobacco sales for good at its 7,700 retail pharmacies. In doing so, CVS sent a powerful message: Responsible retailers — especially those that provide health care through pharmacies and clinics – should not be in the business of selling cigarettes and other tobacco products, the number one cause of preventable death.

Newspaper editorials across the country have applauded CVS and called on other retailers to follow CVS's example:

The Washington Post: 'Give CVS credit... Any company that takes a risk to stand on the right side of public health deserves congratulations. It will save lives.'

'The company’s conclusion that selling cigarettes fundamentally conflicts with the mission of advancing people’s health caps a revolution in American thinking. Gone are the days when tobacco companies could successfully fog up the facts, sowing enough doubt about the deadliness of their products that they could minimize fear among potential or current addicts.'

The Buffalo News: 'Others stores should follow CVS’ lead... Smoking is a plague on individuals, families, businesses that offer employee health care and the country’s taxpayers who help to treat the illnesses causes by this terrible addiction. It is not only illogical for a company founded on restoring health to sell these products, but frankly unethical.'

The Hartford Courant: 'It is indeed incongruous to see a store filled with medicine sell tobacco, the one product which, if used correctly, is known to ruin health. CVS is refreshingly honest in acknowledging that grim reality... Rite Aid, Walgreens, how about you?'

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY): 'When CVS announced its plans, company leaders said the sales of tobacco, and its harmful and widespread effects on people, contradicted the company’s broader mission in delivering health care — the pharmacies also have about 900 walk-in clinics... The move is a fascinating curve in a business arc, and it also demonstrates responsible corporate citizenship that other companies should emulate.'

The Hawk Eye (Burlington, IA): 'It will ding profits, but CVS did the right thing by eliminating the sale of tobacco products. Hopefully, it will be the thing that spurs other similar businesses to do the same. You rarely find a retail business that drops a profit-making product on principle. But that's what CVS Caremark did.'