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BBC Report: Philip Morris’ Be Marlboro Campaign “Aimed Unashamedly at Young People”

June 16, 2014

A new documentary from the BBC calls out Philip Morris International for its global marketing campaign promoting Marlboro cigarettes that has been found to target youth. The BBC report finds the 'Be Marlboro' ad campaign is 'aimed unashamedly at young people.'

A report released in March by the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and other public health groups exposed how the 'Be Marlboro' ads uses themes and images sure to appeal to youth. The ads have spread to more than 50 countries despite being banned by a German court for targeting teens.

The BBC documentary cites the 'Be Marlboro' campaign as a prime example of why so many youth around the world are still taking up smoking.

Shuffling through a series of 'Be Marlboro' ads, the documentary concludes that young people are undoubtedly the main audience for the campaign, which Philip Morris claims is aimed at adult smokers.

'The ads feature images of sex, freedom and adventure' argues journalist Peter Taylor, while adding that 'the subliminal message is take risks.'

Watch the segment of the BBC documentary on the 'Be Marlboro' campaign