ESPN Analyst, ex-Mets Manager Bobby Valentine Urges Tobacco Ban in Major Leagues

March 31, 2011

Baseball's Opening Day has started with a burst of energy, excitement and momentum in the campaign to get smokeless tobacco out of the ballgame.

  • ESPN analyst and former Mets manager Bobby Valentine writes in the New York Times about his use of chewing tobacco, his success at quitting — and his desire to protect players and provide positive role models to kids by getting tobacco out of the ballpark.

    'Everyone who's ever been around the game of baseball, whether as a player, manager, youth coach or dedicated fan, knows the feeling of anticipation that comes with opening day,' Valentine writes. 'That sense of hope and excitement that we feel today is one of baseball's great gifts, and we should no longer allow it to be diminished by a blot on our sport: the use of smokeless tobacco at Major League Baseball games.'
  • And  Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois — long a champion in the fight to reduce tobacco use and save lives — stars in an SBNation blog post in which he tells readers of the popular sports site that MLB should ban tobacco.

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