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About Judy Wilkenfeld

When Judy Wilkenfeld died on May 24, 2007, the world lost an incomparable advocate of tobacco control. Judy worked tirelessly to reduce tobacco's toll for more than 20 years, first as a public official and then as a leader of Tobacco-Free Kids' international efforts. Among her many accomplishments, Judy played an integral role in the development and adoption of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and the emergence of the Framework Convention Alliance.

Her expertise and devotion forever changed the world of tobacco control. But Judy's true impact extends far beyond her professional achievements. Judy was unique in the way she respectfully treated colleagues, and in the way she brought them together. Judy touched favorably upon the lives of all who knew her, and served as a role model to many.

In Judy's honor, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has established the Judy Wilkenfeld Award for International Tobacco Control Excellence, which is given annually to an advocate from a low- or middle-income country who has worked to significantly reduce tobacco use through policy advocacy and exemplifies the traits for which Judy was known.

Like Judy, the winner of the award will exemplify the following traits:

  • Exhibits utmost respect in honoring the diversity of the tobacco control community;
  • Works to build consensus and bring people together;
  • Serves as a mentor and/or role model for others in the movement;
  • Has an established record of achievement; and
  • Demonstrates the potential to be an even more significant future leader.

We at the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are blessed to have worked with Judy, and we are delighted to offer this award in her honor to recognize and support other promising advocates.

2020 Awardee

On Sept. 23, 2020, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids presented the Judy Wilkenfeld Award for International Tobacco Control Excellence to Daniela Guedes, Anna Monteiro and Adriana Carvalho, of ACT Promoção da Saúde, Brazil in a virtual ceremony.

Daniela Guedes, Anna Monteiro and Adriana Carvalho
Promoção da Saúde, Brazil
 ACT Brazil

The 2020 Judy Wilkenfeld Award honorees represent an extraordinary group of changemakers from ACT Promoção da Saúde in Brazil: Daniela Guedes, Anna Monteiro and Adriana Carvalho. While each winner has contributed her own unique abilities – with Adriana Carvalho leading legal efforts, Daniela Guedes mobilizing the coalition to ensure the government paid attention to the legal issues, and Anna Monteiro leading media relations – it is the synergy between them that has allowed for the development of one of the most successful bodies of work by a civil society organization working in tobacco control. As a result of their effective collaboration, the ACT coalition currently includes over one thousand members in all five Brazilian regions and it has been promoting successful advocacy, legal and communications activities. In addition, ACT coordinates a group of lawyers (50+) committed to tobacco control.

Last Updated Oct. 8, 2020