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Camel SNUS: Coupon back

Are you SNUS’N?

Camel SNUS: Noise Yellow

Keep making noise

Camel SNUS: Avoid Mainstream Yellow

Avoid the mainstream (people get lost in there)

Camel SNUS: Test Drive-friendly

SNUS frost, test drive-friendly.

Camel SNUS: Get Lost

Get lost to be found.

Camel SNUS Mellow: Stadium-friendly

SNUS mellow, stadium-friendly. Cleaner, mess-free tobacco…

Camel SNUS: Mellow

SNUS mellow. Hunting-friendly. Fishing-friendly.

Camel SNUS Frost: Stadium-friendly

SNUS frost, stadium-friendly. Cleaner, mess-free tobacco enjoyment…

Camel SNUS: Say No

Just say no to people saying no

Camel SNUS: Recession

Life is not in recession

Camel SNUS: Peace Pouch

Peace pouch. Camel SNUS easily puts your world at peace.

Camel SNUS: One Size New Warning

One size should never fit all

Camel SNUS: One Size

One size should never fit all

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