Latest News and Updates
  • AUSTRALIA WINS WTO DISPUTE - the World Trade Organization has finally published its panel report on the cases brought by Honduras, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Indonesia against Australia's plain packaging laws. In the landmark trade case, the panel ruled in favor of Australia on all grounds. See the CTFK press release here. Download the (872 page) WTO panel report here. We have produced a 5 page summary of the ruling as well as a 2 page document of highlights and talking points. (There are several references to the WTO dispute on this website. Please have patience while we update these.)
  • FRANCE - latest figures on smoking rates show an unprecedented decrease in prevalence of 8.5% (from 29.4% in 2016 to 26.9% in 2017). Plain packaging came into force in this period as part of a series of strengthening regulatory and preventative measures. See the Baromètre santé results here (in French).
  • NORWAY - full implementation came into force on July 1, 2018. See a complete list of international developments here.
  • CANADA - published its draft regulations for tobacco plain packaging. This will include plain packaging for heated tobacco products and the heating devices such as Philip Morris' IQOS device.
  • NEW RESEARCH - a recent report into the differences between laws in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Norway shows how other countries considering plain packaging can strengthen the policy.

Plain or Standardized packaging of tobacco products is a common sense policy that removes the promotional and advertising features of tobacco packs and works alongside graphic health warnings and other tobacco advertising bans. The tobacco industry aggressively opposes plain packaging in every country that considers it. This toolkit is designed to assist governments, civil society and researchers and is set out in 3 parts: -

1. An introduction to plain packaging and the key issues 2. A series of step-by-step policy guides, and 3. Detailed tools and resources.

The guides and some of the resources are available to download in other languages - Français - Español - Pусский.

1. An Introduction to All Aspects of Tobacco Plain Packaging

2. A Series of Short Step-By-Step Guides to Policy Development for Government Health Officials

3. A Comprehensive Suite of Detailed Information, Tools and Resources to Assist Lawyers, Policy Officials or Civil Society Organizations


The Global Legal Center provides expert technical assistance and resources to tobacco control lawyers and advocates.