Plain Packaging of
Tobacco Products
A Practical Guide to Policy Development and Drafting Legislation for Tobacco Plain Packaging
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Plain Packaging of Tobacco Products


Plain or standardized packaging of tobacco products is a common sense policy that removes the promotional features of tobacco packs and is effective as part of a comprehensive tobacco control strategy. Big Tobacco will aggressively oppose government efforts to implement plain packaging because it works against the powerful influence of their brands.

However, a robust and comprehensive plain packaging law can be introduced by following straight forward procedural and drafting steps. This TOOLKIT provides governments and civil society with options and resources to guide their processes and resist tobacco industry interference.



This practical TOOLKIT starts with a series of short step-by-step policy GUIDES

The guides are accompanied by detailed companion TOOLS and RESOURCES

The TOOLS and RESOURCES include:

  • A template model law
  • Fully referenced information
  • Referenced information on the industry arguments
  • A guide to drafting a law with examples from existing legislation
  • Details on the legal issues and case summaries of legal challenges
  • Policy briefs to help explain plain packaging to politicians and the media



What do the tobacco product shelves
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