What is plain packaging of tobacco? | Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
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Plain packaging of tobacco is a common sense policy that removes the promotional, marketing and advertising features on packs of tobacco, but leaves the health warnings, tax stamps and other features required by government. Most governments have increased the size of the health warnings at the same time as introducing plain packaging. The main elements of a plain packaging of tobacco policy are:

  • Packaging must be a uniform plain unattractive color usually a dull brown/green;
  • All packs must be a standard shape, size and texture, and be made from cardboard;
  • No branding, logos or other promotional elements can appear on the packaging - or on individual cigarette sticks;
  • The brand and product name can appear on each pack, as well as the quantity of product in the pack and manufacturer’s contact details, but in a standard size, color and typeface.
  • Health warnings, tax stamps and other government requirements remain on the packs.

Examples of Gauloises cigarette packets in France, before and after plain packaging.