Our Staff

Office of the President

U.S. Programs

  • Bill Lee, Executive Vice President, U.S. Programs
  • Cathy Taylor, Executive Assistant


  • Amy Barkley, Director, Tobacco States and Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Pete Fisher, Vice President, State Issues
  • Anne Ford, Vice President, Federal Relations
  • Caroline Gonҫalves Jones, Associate Director, Outreach and Advocacy
  • Mark Greenwold, Senior Consultant
  • Brian Hickey, Director of Federal Government Relations
  • Beverly May, Director, Western Region and Ohio
  • Kevin O'Flaherty, Director, Northeastern Region
  • Erica Olmstead, Program Manager, Youth Advocacy
  • Jodi Radke, Director, Rocky Mountain / Great Plains Region
  • Claudia Rodas, Director, Southern Region
  • Gustavo Torrez, Director, Youth Advocacy


  • Bryan Buchanan, Director, Digital Engagement
  • Albert Lukban, Director, Internet Strategy
  • Mina Radman, Communications Associate
  • John Schachter, Director, State Communications
  • Vince Willmore, Vice President, Communications


  • Laura Bach, Manager, Research
  • Ann Boonn, Director, Research
  • Denny Henigan, Director, Legal and Policy Analysis
  • Becca Knox, Director, Research
  • Meg Riordan, Vice President, Research
  • Nichole Veatch, Vice President, Research

International Programs

  • Yolonda Richardson, Executive Vice President, Global Programs
  • Genevieve Whitaker, Executive Assistant
  • Lisa West, Office Manager & Contract Coordinator

Global Health Advocacy Incubator

  • Kati Anderson, Associate Director, International Communications
  • Marina Carter, Director, Global Health Advocacy
  • Jill Chanley, Program Assistant
  • Anuradha Khanal, Associate Director
  • Ch’uya Lane, Director, Obesity Prevention (Latin America)
  • Danny McGoldrick, Vice President
  • Angela Raeburn, Associate Director, Advocacy
  • Aaron Schwid, Senior Legal Advisor
  • Brett Wiesel, Associate Director, Capacity Building and Training

International Advocacy

  • Joshua Abrams, Director, Eurasia Programs
  • Mark Hurley, Director, Indonesia Programs
  • Shannon Rae, Executive Assistant
  • Vandana Shah, Director, South Asia Programs
  • Patricia Sosa, Director, Latin American Programs
  • Sophie Uzzell, Program Officer/Financial Compliance Officer, Africa Region
  • Xi Yin, Director, China Programs

International Communications

  • Katharine Briscoe, Associate Director, Web Content
  • Jesse Danzig, Manager, Social Media Projects
  • Mark Hurley, Director, International Communications and Indonesia Programs
  • Eno Isong, Associate Director
  • Elissa Johnson, Executive Assistant
  • Jenna Mosley, Communications Associate
  • Caroline Renzulli, Press Secretary
  • Sean Rudolph, Associate Director, Tobacco Industry Accountability
  • Claudio Tanca, Associate Director

International Grants Program

  • Nelly Ahmad, Financial Compliance Officer
  • Sarah Berluche, Grants Administrator
  • Bintou Camara, Associate Director/Financial Compliance Officer
  • Mena El-Turky, Program Officer
  • Brittany Levesque, Grants Assistant
  • Jingjing Li, Program Officer/Financial Compliance Officer
  • Pam Sumner Coffey, Vice President International Operations
  • Jake Palley, Program Officer and Coordinator Latin America and Caribbean

International Legal Consortium

  • Liz Candler, Legal Advisor
  • Kaitlin Donley, Legal Advisor
  • Patricia Lambert, Director
  • Monique E. Muggli, Associate Legal Director
  • Rose Nathan, Associate Legal Director
  • Charron Smith, Executive Program Assistant

International Research

  • Maria G. Carmona, Deputy Director
  • Emma Green, Research Associate and Tobacco Industry Accountability Project Manager
  • Deirdre Lawrence Kittner, Director
  • Ernesto Sebrie, Associate Director
  • Karoline Walter, Research Assistant


  • Louella Haymon, Events and Administrative Coordinator
  • Philip Mione, Manager, Prospect Management and Research
  • Stevan Miller, Vice President, Development and External Affairs
  • Nicholas Slijepcvic, Director, Corporate Development & Donor Engagement

Finance and Administration

  • Beverley Bacchus-Lewis, Senior Accountant
  • Jacqueline M. Bolt, Vice President
  • Jon Catron, Associate Director, Information Services
  • Eugene Coleman, Accounting Clerk
  • Sherry Gustafson, Director of Finance
  • Shawna Lamont, Contract Administrator
  • Jake Nevin, Associate Director, Network Services
  • Delba Riddick, Senior Director


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