Industry Watch Features

Targeting Kids: New magazine ad for Camel cigarettes reaches over 12.9 million teens.

America's Most Wanted Tobacco Villains: The Usual Suspects, New Villains and Emerging Threats. (Released March 18, 2013)

Global Epidemic: Big Tobacco targets new customers around the world.

Not Your Grandfather's Cigar: A New Generation of Cheap and Sweet Cigars Threatens a New Generation of Kids. (Released March 13, 2013)

Guilty as Charged: U.S. judge rules tobacco companies engaged in deadly fraud.

Warning to Parents: How Big Tobacco Targets Kids Today. (Released March 21, 2012)

Deadly Alliance: How Big Tobacco and Convenience Stores Partner to Market Tobacco Products and Fight Life-Saving Policies. (Released March 5, 2012)

The "Light and Low" Deception: Tobacco companies find new ways to deceive consumers

Deadly in Pink: Big Tobacco Steps Up Its Targeting of Women and Girls. (Released Feb. 18, 2009)