Cigna: End your affiliation with tobacco-sponsored music festival in Indonesia

Cigna, a worldwide provider of health insurance and services, says they are "dedicated to helping the people we serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security."

If this is true, why are they co-sponsoring the upcoming Java Jazz Festival in Indonesia with a tobacco company?

The main sponsor of Java Jazz is Djarum Super Mild, a cigarette brand in Indonesia known for its aggressive marketing to kids. By sponsoring the concert, Cigna is associating its company with a deadly product that sickens and kills the very same people whose health and well-being the company claims to want to improve.

Sign the petition asking Cigna to end their affiilation with a tobacco-sponsored music festival.

The tobacco industry has a history of using concert sponsorships to promote its products to young people. While tobacco concert sponsorships are banned in the US and many other countries, Indonesia has few laws to protect its youth from aggressive marketing by companies whose sole concern is their bottom line.

More than three-quarters of Indonesian smokers started before the age of 19, the majority of which say they were exposed to tobacco industry advertising and brands as children. Tobacco use kills at least 200,000 Indonesians each year, and approximately 36 percent of the population smokes.

As a global health company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people it serves, Cigna must discontinue its sponsorship of the Java Jazz festival and adopt a policy against co-sponsoring events with tobacco companies in the future.