Everyone has the right to breathe smokefree indoor air

Why go smokefree?


Smokefree environments create safer, healthier workplaces and communities.

There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke and there are immediate and serious health effects from tobacco smoke inhalation in enclosed areas. This threat can be eliminated by regulating smoking in public and work places. 2010 Report of the U.S. Surgeon General.
It has been proven that comprehensive smokefree ordinances:

  • Protect the health of the community by reducing heart attack rates, decreasing severe asthma attacks in children and protecting workers and patrons from respiratory illness and even cancer.
  • Reduce youth tobacco consumption. Adolescents that live in smokefree communities are less likely to start smoking than those that live in communities without an ordinance.
  • Increase smoking cessation in the community. This decreases the instances of tobacco related illnesses including cancer, stroke and heart disease.

The best way to protect workers and citizens in Natrona County from the serious health hazards caused by secondhand smoke is to pass a strong ordinance eliminating smoking from all work and public places.  A 2010 poll concluded that 2/3rds of voters (67%) support a comprehensive ordinance eliminating smoking indoors in public and work places in Natrona County.

Currently, 23 states have strong, comprehensive smoke-free workplace laws which eliminate smoking in all indoor workplaces including restaurants and bars. In Wyoming, 5 cities are covered by similar comprehensive smoke-free indoor workplace ordinances – protecting 18% of the population.

According to a 2009 Wyoming Statistical and Analysis Center survey, on in four workers in Natrona County continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke indoors in their workplace. 

Smokefree Natrona County tested the air quality of 19 restaurants and bars. In the 15 smoking locations assessed, the average level of air pollution was very unhealthy -- 56 times higher than the smoke-free locations. These results prove that the majority of bars and restaurants in Natrona County are actively endangering the health of patrons and workers because of secondhand smoke.

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