Everyone has the right to breathe smokefree indoor air

Why Protect New Jersey Tobacco Prevention Funding?


Governor Christie has proposed eliminating state funding for the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP).

The program funds smoking treatment programs and tobacco control programs across the state.

This approach may seem like a wise budget move, but it will cost the state much more — in dollars and in lives:

  • New Jersey may lose up to $52.5 million in federal funding if the state refuses to fund the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program

  • Each smoker costs New Jersey almost $6,000 each year in healthcare costs and lost productivity.  One QuitCenter can help 200 smokers per year for only $500 per successful quit, so New Jersey saves $1 million for each Quitcenter it funds

  • Teen smoking has been cut in half, but the quit rate among teens has already slowed with decreasing CTCP funds in recent years, with 9 million new teen smokers every year

  • Smoking takes 11,200 lives each year in New Jersey – a number that will increase without the Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program

Protect New Jersey’s health and economy by continuing to fund the state's Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program