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68% of Nebraskans favor increasing the tobacco tax

A new poll released by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network shows that 68 percent of Nebraska voters surveyed support raising the tobacco tax by $1.00 per pack to provide property tax relief and to increase funding for programs to help smokers quit. Support cuts across party lines, with 68% of Republicans, 76% of Democrats, and 61% of Independents would support this proposal.

Public health groups including the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association in Nebraska and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids support higher tobacco taxes because it is a proven solution to improve public health.

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How many reasons does Nebraska need to increase the tobacco tax?

This increase could provide property tax relief, help save critical programs and services, save kids from addiction to tobacco and encourage current smokers to quit.

The fact is, economic research confirms that when tobacco prices increase, smoking decreases. Research shows that every 10 percent increase in the real price of cigarettes reduces overall cigarette consumption by about three to five percent. It reduces the number of young-adult smokers by 3.5 percent. And it reduces the number of kids who smoke by about six or seven percent.

Nebraska lags behind other states on this issue. Thirty-seven other states have cigarette taxes that are higher than Nebraska's. Nebraska cigarette tax per pack is 64 cents, compared to the overall state average of $1.53 per pack.