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Barrie Fiske (Development Committee Chair & Foundation Board Co-Chair)

Tobacco Control Advocate
Carmel, CA

Barrie Fiske is a longtime advocate for the right to breathe clean air. Born with cystic fibrosis, she must be constantly vigilant to avoid cigarette smoke. Barrie had been a longtime resident of New York City when the city passed a comprehensive smoke-free law in 2002.

“As soon as I heard, I knew I had to get involved. The idea that my hometown would finally be a place where I could enjoy simple things like dining out without having to worry about my health being compromised was enough to make me run down to City Hall to see how I could help it along.” She was ecstatic when the law went into effect the following year.

Barrie was introduced to the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids through the organization’s involvement in the New York City campaign and quickly learned of its successful history in other communities nationwide. Barrie began to support Tobacco-Free Kids and joined the board of directors in 2005 because she believed strongly in the organization’s ability to lead this movement.

With a background in investment banking and marketing, Barrie has been a true asset to Tobacco-Free Kids, bringing creative ideas, passion and enthusiasm to the board at a time of growth and change for the organization. She has witnessed Tobacco-Free Kids’ expansion internationally but understands the critical work that still needs to be done in the United States. Barrie recently stepped up to serve as co-chair and inaugural member of the Foundation Board, which exists to raise funds in support of the organization’s critical work.

“Living in New York City, and now Carmel, California, I can see all the incredible progress that we have made in the fight against tobacco in these two progressive states. But this is not the case in many other parts of our country, and it makes me work even harder on behalf of Tobacco-Free Kids to get the same smoke-free rights for others that we enjoy here.”