The Global Toll of Tobacco


Chart showing prevalence of tobacco use in Ukraine, 2005 Consumption

  • Approximately 11 million (29 percent) Ukrainians smoke.
  • 50 percent of males and 11 percent of females smoke.
  • Smoking prevalence among Ukrainian men is among the highest in the world.
  • Among youth (age 13-15), almost one-fourth (24 percent) currently smoke cigarettes.

Chart showing tobacco use among youth in Ukraine, 2005 Health Consequences

  • Approximately 115,000 Ukrainians die each year from smoking-related diseases.
  • Ukrainian male life expectancy is much lower than male life expectancy in Western Europe, in part due to high rates of tobacco consumption.

Tobacco Industry

International tobacco companies dominate the market, holding approximately 90 percent of the cigarette market share in Ukraine. In 2008, Philip Morris International led with 32 percent of market share, followed by Japan Tobacco (25 percent), Imperial Tobacco (20 percent) and British American Tobacco (13 percent). In Ukraine, more than 123 billion cigarettes were sold in 2008.

Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) Status

Ukraine ratified the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on June 6, 2006.

Tobacco Control Policy Status

Smoke-free environments: As of January 1, 2011, smoking is completely banned in healthcare and educational facilities, and on public transport. Smoking is also banned in other indoor workplaces and public places, however the law allows for these areas to have designated smoking rooms. Sub-national jurisdictions can establish stricter regulations.

Advertising, promotion and sponsorship: Tobacco advertising is banned on television, radio and on outdoor billboards. However, all other forms of marketing are allowed, including tobacco sponsorship and promotion.

Warning labels: Currently, warning labels are text-only and cover 30 percent of the front and 30 percent of the back of the package. In 2009, a law passed mandating graphic warning labels to cover 50 percent of the front and 50 percent of the back of the package.

Tobacco taxes: Tobacco taxes were raised three times in 2008 and 2009, however prices are still relatively low. Tobacco taxes in Ukraine remain below the rate recommended by the World Bank (from 65 percent to 80 percent of retail price) that is commonly present in countries with effective tobacco control policies.

Updated: February 2011


Fact Sheets

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Tobacco Control Groups

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  • Alcohol and Drug Information Centre (ADIC - Ukraine)

  • Tobacco Taxes in Ukraine [summary]
    Based on Economics of Tobacco Taxation in Ukraine
    by Hana Zarubova Ross, Samina Shariff, Anna Gilmore

  • Relevant Laws


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    — Article 15 - regulates tobacco trade

    Law of Ukraine on Advertising, No. 270/96-VR, 1996, (amended 2003)
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