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Camel SNUS: Season’s SNUS’N

Season’s SNUS’N. ‘Tis the drama-free switchin’…

Camel SNUS: Let It SNUS

Let it SNUS. Switch & enjoy a drama-free holiday

Camel SNUS: Anthem

Rock your own anthem

Camel SNUS: Hunting-friendly

SNUS frost, hunting-friendly. Fishing-friendly.

Camel SNUS: Haven’t Seen a Deer

SNUS frost, haven’t seen a deer in hours-friendly.

Camel SNUS: Extra Inning

SNUS frost, extra inning-friendly.

Camel SNUS: Backstage Pass

Backstage pass-friendly

Camel SNUS: Snus’n

Are you SNUS’N?

Camel SNUS: Air Guitar

Air guitar-friendly.

Camel SNUS: Ironically Individuality

Ironically, individuality is not a trait shared by everyone

Camel SNUS: Coupon

Enjoy the bold new taste of smoke-free, spit-free, drama-free…

Camel SNUS: Be Heard

Be heard not herded

Camel SNUS: Before During After

Before, during and after. Boldly go everywhere.

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